what to wear


It's important to style yourself for your industry. If you are a designer, you will be expected to show off your style! If you're a young entrepreneur, a corporate look (like a blazer) might be too stuffy. However, if you're a banker or an attorney, your clientele will expect you to appear buttoned up and professional.


Feel free to bring multiple outfits. Even if we don't have time to shoot them all, I can help you narrow down to your best options. You can also bring multiple accessories or jackets/sweaters, and quickly get a few different looks by changing those out.


Bright colors will draw attention to your photo, and neutrals will help people connect with your image and personality. If you have a great eye color, play that up!


Pay attention to necklines. High necklines like turtlenecks can look stifling. But low necklines can be too revealing for comfort, depending on the client. If you choose to go sleeveless, bring a sweater or jacket just in case you don't like how your arms are photographing.


Men can try multiple looks simply by adding or changing ties or jackets. Buttoning jackets generally makes a huge difference with fit as well, and looks much more professional.


Eyeglasses can create glare. I usually suggest we try both with and without.


Jewelry makes a huge impact as well. Just don't go overboard! We can always layer in until we find the right balance.


Recently, my female branding clients have been using Rent the Runway, which is a fabulous idea! You can "borrow" between 4 and 16 outfits at a time. Nuuly is also a fun rental option, their clothing is more along the lines of Anthropologie and Free People, and you can borrow 6 outfits for a month!


Hands and nails often show, so manicures or simply painting your nails is helpful. If you want to take things a step further and get your hair and makeup done, I've listed many of my favorite stylists here: http://beboulderphotography.com/vendor-recommendations/


If we are doing full body shots, shoes are very important (see below!) A pop of color or pattern goes a long way.


And of course, here are some don’ts:


I do not recommend neon colors, as florescent colors are not picked up well by the camera.


Do not wear clothing with prominent logos, they are very distracting.


Do not wear shirts with very tiny grid-like prints and patterns as these can moire on camera. I also generally recommend avoiding very heavy prints and patterns as they are distracting.


Avoid materials that are overly shiny, you don't want to look like a disco ball!


Here are some of my favorite examples from recent shoots. You can see how much difference clothing makes. I hope they inspire you!