what to wear


My clients are always asking what they should wear for their shoot. Here are some of my favorite do’s:


Generally, I recommend outfits that are within the same “color family,” but not too matchy-matchy. For instance, you could go with earth tones, pastels, brights, warm colors, cool colors or neutrals.


Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, as long as they are within the same color story. Don’t go overboard though.


It helps to have an inspiration piece to pull colors from. For instance, Mom could wear a scarf that incorporates 2 or 3 accent colors. That scarf will tie everyone’s outfits together.


And last but not least, props! Pinterest is a great spot for inspiration. Parasols, balloons, tiny chairs, and cute blankets all make great accessories.


And of course, here are some don’ts:


I do not recommend neon colors, as flourescents are not picked up well by the camera.


Do not wear clothing with prominent logos, they are very distracting.


Here are some of my favorite examples from recent shoots. I hope they inspire you!


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