I get lots and lots of questions on a daily basis, so I'll do my best to answer them here!


Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! For events like weddings and mitzvahs, I offer monthly or quarterly payment plans using automatic withdrawals, if you'd prefer that to one large payment before your event.


Do you offer discounts or do pro-bono work?

Yes! I am happy to cater to your budget and love helping out non-profits. Just tell me what you need. I also have four amazing associate shooters who I can send for a reduced rate, which may better fit your budget.


How do I know you won't lost any files from my wedding day, or my family shoot? They are so precious!

My decade of experience brings with it peace of mind for you. I have been through it all (believe me) and have learned to stay cool as a cucumber under pressure, which will make your day that much better for you. I have an arsenal of amazing equipment, including three cameras which each hold two memory cards. I back those cards up to the cloud and three hard drives so I won't lose a moment of your day. My second shooters are all experienced photographers as well, many of whom I have worked with for several years.


Are you vaccinated?

Yes, I am fully vaccinated! But, I'm still happy to wear a mask if that makes you more comfortable. Just let me know.


What should I wear?

I've got a page for that! Check out my tips here. And I'm happy to consult via video chat, phone or email before your shoot.


Does your fee include digital files and can I print them?

Yes, you will receive beautifully color corrected, high-resolution files, which you can have printed by me or anywhere you choose!


Who designs your albums?

I do! I am also a graphic designer and I will design your custom album for you. You can choose the images, and if you don't have time for that, I can choose them for you.


Do you have a studio?

No, I do not. But, I do utilize several different studios in the Boulder and Denver area.


What if the weather is bad?

If you've scheduled a mini session and it rains or is too windy, we will shoot on the following day, assuming the weather improves. If the weather is bad for your custom session, we will find find a new day and time that works for you. If it rains on your wedding day, I'll be there for you no matter what! Note, I do not reschedule for heat, cold or smoky conditions, unless it is dangerous to be outside.


How is a mini session different from a custom session?

A mini session is 30 minutes, and takes place at a location I choose, and only on certain days (about once a month during busy season). This helps me keep the cost lower. Custom sessions are 60-90 minutes and you can choose the location, and there are more slots available.


What if someone in my family is sick?

Please reschedule! There is no penalty.


Can we go to multiple locations?

Yes, if they are close! For portrait sessions, we can usually fit in two locations. If you are doing a branding session, we can also schedule up to a full day and many locations if you'd like.


Is there a limit to number of people in a family session?



What if my child doesn't cooperate?

You will be amazed at the beautiful images we can get, even with a child who is not feeling it that day. My favorite moment is sending a gallery to a parent who thinks we didn't get any good shots, and delivering many good images. If somehow we can't do that, we can consider a reshoot, but I'v only had to do that one time in all of my years!


Will you travel?

For everything except weddings, I will go anywhere in the Boulder/Denver metro area. For weddings, I can travel farther, for a $750 travel fee.


Can we shoot in my home?

Yes! Just choose a custom session.


I'd like to book a senior session, can my child share the session with a friend?

Absolutely! Just let them know they will each receive less images in the end, because they are sharing the time.


Can I bring a change of clothes?

You bet! Just bear in mind you might have to change in your vehicle. For senior and branding sessions, I can usually do about one outfit for every 20 minutes.


Who does hair/makeup for you?
I work with a handful of amazing stylists in the area, who I know, love and trust. You will be in great hands. I'll introduce you by email beforehand, so you can share photos and inspiration.


There are so many ways to contact me. Pick your favorite!

Email me at eleanor@beboulderphotography.com.

Call or text me at 303-596-5716.

Or jump right in and schedule a session below.

Talk to you soon!