What to Wear for Your Family Photo Shoot

My clients are always asking what they should wear for their shoot. Generally, I recommend outfits that are within the same “color family,” but not too matchy-matchy:

For instance, Mandy’s family went with earth tones. Notice how Mandy’s necklace picks up the orange in Mark’s sweater perfectly, and her navy blue dress works with his jeans. These little accents make all the difference:
The following year, Mark and Mandy went for a mix of bright and earth tones for their farm shoot. Elsie’s striped tights work perfectly with Silas’ striped sweater. And the mini blazer to match Mark’s blazer is just perfect:
This goes for couples too. I love the way Sara worked the blue color palette, incorporating a scarf to tie everything together:
I recommend not wearing pure black. However, black with polka dots or stripes works well. Ivory or cream colored clothing is great too. I love Iris’ choice of black and ivory for her Valentine’s shoot, and the color coordinated boots are adorable:
Valerie used a red, white and blue theme, with a settee to match:
valerie-1The mom of these little guys chose a blue and red palette. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, as long as they are within the same color story. Note the adorable ties and how each one plays off the shirt of another boy:

BeBoulder_Berman-2This mom picked up her outfit on the way to her shoot, but you’d never know it! Their accessories tie together a palette of blue, yellow, green and gray (note how effective the scarves are):

EWP_Luckenbill-8It helps to have an inspiration piece to pull colors from. Check out the details on the little girl’s boots, and how that ties together the rest of her family’s outfits:


And this mom used the colors on her handmade skirt as inspiration, and the anchor to tie her whole color shoot together. So clever:

ewp_turner-7-2Neutral or cool tones look great on camera too:

patti-9-2And last but not least, props! Amy picked up these inexpensive balloons which match Oliver’s sweater perfectly. She even planned to have him release the white one. Pinterest is a great spot for inspiration. Parasols, tiny chairs, even cute blankets for newborns all make great accessories:


Colors I do not recommend include black and neons. Neither are picked up well by the camera.

Good luck planning your family photo shoot outfits!

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