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I'm Eleanor Williamson, owner of Be Boulder Photography. I capture real moments and connections, in a thoughtful and nostalgic way. Whether you are celebrating the birth of a child, marriage to your best friend, your children laughing together, graduations or family reunions, I freeze these moments in time, and make them available via stunning digital photography, beautiful prints, or coffee table books.

yes, that's me, my boys and my pup!

COVID 19 Update

My family is taking this virus very seriously, and though finances are tough, I am not risking my health or that of my clients in order to keep shooting.


I'm still booking clients for this summer, but I'm no longer collecting deposits, in case we are unable to shoot.


If you have booked something with me and are nervous, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here for you, and we will work it out! If it's a wedding, we can reschedule or downsize.


Some of you have asked how you can support my business at this time. Keep referring me, visiting my site, liking my photos, and talking to me!

Stay safe out there!


What have I been doing lately?

Come find out!

Eleanor xoxo